Fairfield Nodal Sensors

These are the geophone responses for the Zland generation 2 Node instruments. They have published effective sensitivities and total damping values of 0.7, but resistances are not specified.

For geophones used in the generation 1 Zland Nodes, see OYO Geospace GS-30CT Sensor Responses.

Manufacturer Model Frequency / Period Coil Resistance Shunt Resistance Sensitivity RESP Filename Source Comments
Fairfield Nodal Zland, gen. 2, geophone 5 Hz / 0.2 s Unknown Unknown 76.7 V/m/s RESP.XX.NS611..SHZ.ZLAND_GEN2.5.UNK.UNK.76_7 Fairfield Nodal PASSCAL
Fairfield Nodal Zland, gen. 2, geophone 10 Hz / 0.1 s Unknown Unknown 78.7 V/m/s RESP.XX.NS612..SHZ.ZLAND_GEN2.10.UNK.UNK.78_7 Fairfield Nodal

Mary Templeton 9/10/2019