CMG-5T Accelerometers

CMG-5T Sensitivities, Clip Levels and Full Scale Voltages

Guralp CMG-5T accelerometers have adjustable clip levels and full scale voltage outputs that are custom set at the factory according to the purchaser's needs. Clip levels, in units of g's, range from 0.1 g through 4g. Full scale voltage outputs can be set to 2.5, 5 or 10 Volts. The nominal sensitivity in V/m/s**2 is

[Full scale voltage / Clip level] / [9.80665 m/(g * s**2)].

Instrument-specific sensitivities in V/g can be found in their accompanying Guralp manual and divided by 9.80665 m/(g * s**2) to get units of V/m/s**2.

The example response file here gives the sensitivity and for a CMG-5T with a 4g clip level and 10V full scale output voltage. The poles, zeros and A0 normalization factor for other sensitivities would be the same; only the sensitivity needs to be recalculated in stage 2 (sensor stage) and stage 0 (the product of all stage gains).

Guralp CMG-5 Accelerometer Response

Manufacturer Model Period / Frequency Sensitivity RESP Filename Source Comments
Guralp CMG-5T 0-0.01 s / DC-100 Hz 0.254929 V/M/S**2 RESP.XX.NS049..BNZ.CMG5T.DC_100.4G_10V Guralp
Guralp CMG-5T 0-0.005 s / DC-200 Hz 0.254929 V/M/S**2 RESP.XX.NS458..BNZ.CMG5T.DC_200.4G_10V Guralp
Guralp CMG-5TC 0-0.01 s / DC-100 Hz 1.02 V/M/S**2 RESP.XX.NS684..BNZ.CMG5TC.DC_100.2G_20V Guralp
Guralp CMG-5TC 0-0.005 s / DC-200 Hz 1.02 V/M/S**2 RESP.XX.NS495..BNZ.CMG5TC.DC_200.2G_20V Guralp

Mary Templeton 7/1/2022