Raspberry Shake Internal Sensor Responses

This is an internal geophone for the Raspberry Shake 1D integrated seismograph. Because its sensitivity is unknown independent of the datalogger, it is represented as unity in the sensor response stage. When combined with the 1D datalogger, the cascaded response has the reported total sensitivity.

Responses for all other Raspberry Shake, S.A. products can be found at manual.raspberryshake.org

Manufacturer Model Period / Frequency Sensitivity RESP Filename Source Comments
Raspberry Shake Raspberry Shake 1D Racotech 0.2 s / 5 Hz Unity V/M/S RESP.XX.NS494..SHZ.RShake1D.1.5 Raspberry Shake Integrated with the Raspberry Shake 1D datalogger

Mary Templeton 6/26/2020