OYO Geospace GS-30CT Sensor Responses

Coil resistance values affect the sensitivity, damping and pole values. The response given here is invalid for coil and shunt resistances other than those listed. It describes a level geophone with nominal attributes. It is always recommended that these nominal responses be updated based on calibration measurements for each sensor. To learn how to modify these nominal responses for other resistance or calibration data, click here.


The response given here assumes that the input resistance of the attached amplifier or datalogger is at least 2 orders of magnitude larger than the sensor impedance. If this is not the case, the poles will need to be updated. This find out do this, click here.

Manufacturer Model Frequency / Period Coil Resistance Shunt Resistance Sensitivity RESP Filename Source Comments
Geospace GS-30CT 10 Hz / 0.1 s 395 Ohms None 27.5 V/m/s RESP.XX.NS609..SHZ.GS30CT.10.395.NONE.27_5 Geospace
Geospace GS-30CT 10 Hz / 0.1 s 395 Ohms 1000 Ohms 19.7 V/m/s RESP.XX.NS610..SHZ.GS30CT.10.395.1000.19_7 Geospace Gen. 1 ZLand Node sensor

Mary Templeton 9/9/2019