REF TEK RT131 Accelerometer Response

RT131 Sensitivities

Nominal sensitivity in V/m/s**2 is

G in V/m/(s*s) = [Full scale voltage / Clip level] / [9.80665 m/(s**2)].

The responses here apply to the uniaxial (1), triaxial (3), and borehole (BH) versions.

Note: The RT131A-02 was initially manufactured using the SF3000L 2-pole analog filter. Subsequently, the SF1500S filter was substituted. There should be a plate or decal on the side of the accelerometer that tells you which type of filter was used. If not, it probably uses the SF3000L filter.

Manufacturer Model Period / Frequency Sensitivity (V/m/s**2) Full Scale Voltage Clip Level Analog Filter Type RESP Filename Source Comments
REF TEK RT131A-02 0-0.002 s / DC->500 Hz <0.33991 V/M/S**2 +/-10V >+/-3g SF1500S RESP.XX.NS132..BNZ.RT131A02.DC_500.3G.10V.SF1500S REF TEK Early 130-SMA accelerometer
REF TEK RT131A-02 0-0.002 s / DC->500 Hz <0.25493 V/M/S**2 +/-10V >+/-4g SF1600 RESP.XX.NS378..BNZ.RT131A02.DC_500.4G.10V.SF1600 REF TEK Most 131A-02s
REF TEK RT131A-02 0-0.002 s / DC->500 Hz <0.33991 V/M/S**2 +/-10V >+/-3g SF3000L RESP.XX.NS133..BNZ.RT131A02.DC_500.3G.10V.SF3000L REF TEK Later 130-SMA accelerometer
REF TEK RT131B-01 0-0.002 s / DC->500 Hz 0.25493 V/M/S**2 +/-10V +/-4g SF1500S RESP.XX.NS134..BNZ.RT131B01.DC_500.4G.10V.SF1500S REF TEK
REF TEK RT131B-02/03 0-0.002 s / DC->500 Hz 0.1759 V/M/S**2 +/-6.9V +/-4g SF2005, SF2006 RESP.XX.NS379..BNZ.RT131B023.DC_500.4G.6_9V.SF2005 REF TEK Most SM, ANSS, SMA & 131B-02/3s

Mary Templeton 5/12/2016