Sercel L-4A Sensor Responses

Coil and shunt resistance values affect the sensitivity, damping and pole values. To calculate poles, zeros and sensitivities for L-4As built with other resistor values, click here.


These responses assume that the input resistance of the attached amplifier or datalogger is at least 2 orders of magnitude larger than the shunt resistor. If this is not the case, total damping will not be 70% and the poles will not describe the system accurately.

Manufacturer Model Frequency / Period Coil Resistance Shunt Resistance Sensitivity RESP Filename Source Comments
Sercel L-4A 2 Hz / 0.5 s 500 Ohms 810 Ohms 51.5 V/M/S RESP.XX.NS150..SHZ.L4A.500.810.2.51_5 Sercel
Sercel L-4A 2 Hz / 0.5 s 2000 Ohms 3238 Ohms 102 V/M/S RESP.XX.NS151..SHZ.L4A.2000.3238.2.102 Sercel
Sercel L-4A 2 Hz / 0.5 s 5500 Ohms 8905 Ohms 171 V/M/S RESP.XX.NS152..SHZ.L4A.5500.8905.2.171 Sercel

Mary Templeton 3/7/2013