Sprengnether Sensor Responses

Coil and shunt resistance values affect the sensitivity, damping and pole values. To calculate poles, zeros and sensitivities for S6000s having other resistor values (i.e. damping values other than the 64% assumed below), click here.


These responses assume that the input resistance of the attached amplifier or datalogger is at least 2 orders of magnitude larger than the shunt resistance. If this is not the case, total damping will not be the nominal 64% assumed below and the poles will not describe the system accurately. To take datalogger impedance into account, click here.

Manufacturer Model Frequency / Period Coil Resistance Shunt Resistance Sensitivity RESP Filename Source Comments
Sprengnether S6000 2 Hz / 0.5 s 10000 Ohms 6470 Ohms 110 V/M/S RESP.XX.NS334..SHZ.S6000.10000.6470.2.110 Sprengnether
Sprengnether S6000 2 Hz / 0.5 s 640 Ohms 213.3 Ohms 12.5 V/M/S RESP.XX.NS335..SHZ.S6000.640.213.2.12_5 Sprengnether

Mary Templeton 8/28/2013