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The IRIS Data Management Center database stores archive meta data as well as timeseries information. SeismiQuery is a web tool that allows users to query the database for specific information about data availability as well as network, station and channel information. SeismiQuery is made up of pre-formatted queries that focus on specific types of information and data requests.

There are 3 parts to the SeismiQuery tool. Click on a item below to get help for that topic.

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ALERT: as of 2019-07-23 some SeismiQuery features have been deprecated and removed as noted below.
If have a Question or Comment about this change contact SeismiQuery at IRIS.

Queries in this category are for gathering information (i.e. meta data) about networks, stations or channels only. Data returned by these queries has nothing to do with data holdings, per se.

virtual nets
Deprecated - use the MDA Virtual Networks List.

This query can provide the user with information about just what channels and instrumentation are available at different station locations.

This query looks at station information (excluding channel info) like location and network affiliations.

Deprecated - use MDA for Station Channel responses.

temp networks
Find temporary networks and related information.

Some station operators or data collection centers use the SEED blockette 31 to include descriptive comments to data to indicate problems encountered or special situations. This query will scan for those comments either by station or channel.

Dprecated - use the Event Service or Wilber3 for event search.

We have added tables that contain the metadata associated with assembled data sets. Many of these data sets are of active source experiments. We have data from PASSCAL, USGS, and other temporary deployments.

This category of queries will help the user to determine exactly what data are available from the DMC. Users can take in a gross overview or see down to the tenth of a second.

This query gives the user a gross overview of data holdings by returning JUST the first and last date for which a network, station or channel returned data to be archived.

by station
A very useful query for looking at daily output of a station. A year long report of what days a station returned data - the output can be expanded to include timeseries information for each day; station by station.

by network
If you would prefer to see an overview of an entire network, this is the query. The expandable timeseries output is also available.

by timeseries
The ultimate query for timeseries information. A complete tool that has several output options including a SYNC file (used by DCCs to coordinate data holdings); a graph or table of holdings displaying gaps, overlaps and continuous data; and a map option.

Deprecated - use BREQ_FAST Request.

Last modified: July, 2017