Virtual Network Query

virtual network
Note: All virtual network codes begin with an underscore (_). You must include the underscore in your query string. To see a current list of virtual networks, click here.
virtual network description like
resolve station
primary dc
secondary dc
start time
end time
install date afterbefore
certification date afterbefore
site like

A virtual network is one made up of stations from multiple "real" networks.
For a description of virtual networks, please read this DMC Newsletter Article.

How this query works

  • You must have at least ONE field checked, but you do not have to enter a string in any field.
  • You may use wildcards [click for options]
  • Sometimes an entire network's station list is included in a virtual network. If resolve station is checked, all stations in the included network will be listed. If it is NOT checked, only the network code will be listed and an * will appear in the station column.