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Using BUD miniSEED Data

For most data in BUD, rdseed can be used with the appropriate dataless SEED file to read and reformat miniSEED data. Learn how to use rdseed on miniSEED data and dataless SEED files. Download rdseed now.

Meta data for some channels in BUD are not in our database and so a dataless SEED file cannot be generated for this miniSEED data. You can query for a list of BUD network station pairs for which we do have meta data.

ORFEUS maintains an ftp site with some miniSEED conversion utilities that don't require SEED meta data.

Getting a Dataless SEED File

A dataless SEED file can be generated from the BUD Query Interface after data selection.

A standard BREQ_FAST request mailed to DATALESS@iris.washington.edu will request a dataless SEED file from the DMC.

Download BUD Dataless SEED file - this file contains all BUD channels for which we have meta data.

Download network dataless SEED files - these files are organized by network.

Data Available from BUD

In general, the Bud data buffer is 30 days long with the exception of E?? or other high sample rate channels which are kept online for two weeks. Events may occur which require occasionally keeping less data online.

How to submit data to the BUD system

BUD Directory - Navigate the BUD directory structure and download data directly with your browser.

About the BUD Directory Structure and Data Files