Data Management System

Introduction to the Data Management System

The IRIS DMS consists of several components or "nodes". These nodes work together to insure the smooth flow of GSN and PASSCAL data from the stations to the seismological research community.

Data Management System Nodes

Data Management Center (DMC)
IRIS/USGS Data Collection Center (ASL)
IRIS/IDA Data Collection Center (IDA)
PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC)
University of Washington (UW)
Array Network Facility (ANF)
Kazakhstan Seismic Data Center (KZ)

The Components of the IRIS Data Management System

The IRIS DMS is composed of seven distinct nodes. The Albuquerque Seismic Laboratory (ASL) and the UCSD/IDA DCCs collect data from the GSN, perform QA on the data, convert the data to SEED and send the GSN data to the DMC. The PASSCAL instrument Center (PIC) performs QA and reformatting for PASSCAL data. The Array Network Facility (ANF) is charged with insuring that USArray/Transportable Array data flow to the DMC and that proper metadata is available. The Kazakh National Data Center in Almaty performs QA on data from the numerous arrays and stations in Kazakhstan before forwarding the data to the IRIS DMC. The University of Washington (UW) picks phases for all FARM data at the DMC and feedback any problems found. The DMC in Seattle is the home of the IRIS data archive and serves as the primary distribution point for IRIS data.

Governance and Staffing

The IRIS DMS is given oversight by a standing committee representing the seismological community. (See action items from DMSSC meetings.) The IRIS Data Management System is managed by Dr. Tim Ahern. Read about the charges to the DMS.