Data Services Newsletter

Volume 1 : No 1 : November 1999

Mary Edmunds - Data Control Technician

Originally from the California bay area, I graduated from Berkeley in some unremembered year after the hippies had long passed through and People’s Park once again became a depository for various fast food wrappers and straws. I lived in the South and the East United States before returning to the west coast and settling in Seattle in 1991.

I began working at the University of Washington upon my arrival in Seattle and finally left it to join the IRIS DMC people. And IRIS is a great place to work, even though it is kind of odd that you have to pay THEM to let you work here. Oh well. When I’m not at IRIS, I try to kayak, swim, dance, yoga, play cards, and answer the phone for my two teenage children.

by Mary Edmonds (IRIS Data Management Center)

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