Data Services Newsletter

Volume 11 : No 2 : Summer 2009

Uptime Report Tool

The IRIS DMC has developed a web tool for internal use and for use by data providers that generates a report which can serve as information on archived data and as a metric and diagnostic of archive processes. Uptime reports were originally developed as an automated reporting mechanism for the US Array project and proved useful enough to be further developed for this wider use.

The uptime report tool generates an ASCII report and xls attachment of archived data percentages which are emailed back to the web tool user. The generated report has links to mda and goat which allow for further exploration of problems that are revealed by the report.

The percentages are based on channel uptimes as defined by meta data in the DMC’s database compared to channel data that has successfully been archived at the DMC. The percentages can help proof:

  1. Processes that get data to the DMC
  2. Processes that archive data received at the DMC
  3. Channel uptime meta data

The figure below shows the form that drives the uptime report generation. A report can take hours to generate and form users are encouraged to reduce their wait time by selecting or rejecting channels via the regexp fields in the form to produce a report of only relevant channels. A report may be done by network or virtual network and is limited to a 5 year time range.

Screenshot of the uptime report form
Figure 1: Screenshot of the online uptime report form

Below is an excerpt from an uptime report:

Screenshot of an uptime report
Figure 2: Screenshot from an uptime report

Below are examples of how the XLS attachment can be used.

Screenshot of the Excel spreadsheet report
Figure 3: Screenshot of the Excel attachment for the Transportable Array performance metrics

More information

If you would like to know more about the IRIS DMC uptime report tool, please visit the Uptime Report Form or contact us

by Sandy Stromme (IRIS Data Management Center)

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