Data Services Newsletter

Volume 11 : No 3 : Fall 2009

New Networks at the DMC

The Data Access section of the newsletter deals with relevant new data arriving to the DMC. A reminder for anyone wanting to know what data is currently arriving to the IRIS DMC in realtime, there is a web page created expressly for you at

Greenland Icesheet Monitoring Network – GLISN Virtual Network

IRIS has a new virtual network called _GLISN ( where we are now archiving data from stations collaborating with new IRIS funding for the Greenland Icesheet Monitoring Network.

The GLISN virtual network will be dynamic and expanding. The map below only shows stations as of Oct 2009. Please refer to to get an updated list of stations.

GLISN Network Map
Figure 1: GLISN network map

Kyrgyz Digital Network – KRNET

The DMC started archiving data from a new network called KR in October 2009 ( and is the Kyrgyz Digital Network, or also called KRNET. All of the sites are operating Guralp equipment, CMG-3T sensors and DM-24 digitizers.

Kyrgyz Digital Network Map
Figure 2: Kyrgyz Digital Network map

UTEP Seismic Network – EP

The DMC started archiving data in October 2009 from the station located on the University of Texas, El Paso campus, under the network code EP ( This is using a Guralp CMG-3T sensor and a RefTek130 datalogger.

UTEP Seismic Network Map
Figure 3: UTEP Seismic Network map

Thai Seismic Monitoring Network – TM

The DMC was pleased to have hosted visitors from the Thai Seismic Monitoring Network in September 2009, and they opened their broadband data to our community, which is now available under the network code TM ( starting in early October, 2009. The equipment operating there is a combination of Nanometrics Trillium T120 and Geotech KS2000 sensors.

Thai Seismic Monitoring Network Map
Figure 4: Thai Seismic Monitoring Network map

3D Broadband Seismic Array in France – FR

The IRIS DMC began archiving data from a French 3—D array network operated by the UMR Géosciences Azur 6526 situated near Rustrel, France with the network code FR. for map, or for metadata. This multi-element array consists of 6 STS–2 broadband sensors and a strong motion CMG5 accelerometer.

For more information see the article in this issue — A 3D Broadband Seismic Array at LSBB

For direct access to event data and others, please refer visit

French 3D Broadband Seismic Array Network Map
Figure 5: French 3D Broadband Seismic Array Network map

by Rick Benson (IRIS Data Management Center)

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