Data Services Newsletter

Volume 11 : No 4 : Winter 2009

URL Shortcuts

Quick access to IRIS web pages

IRIS staff are working on ways to make it easier to use the website. A short Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is easy to remember, so the new IRIS website uses acronyms or abbreviations in the path.

For example, to go to SeismiQuery the standard URL is (mixing upper and lowercase letters) but now you can use the shortcut

The IRIS DMC MetaData Aggregator, know as MDA, uses the shortcut

Here are easy to remember URLs to popular IRIS web pages.

Earthquake Information

IRIS homepage
Recent Earthquake Teachable Moments
IRIS Earthquake Browser – IEB


Data Management System – DMS
Data Forms
Data Handling Interface – DHI
MetaData Aggregator – MDA
Seismic Data
Searchable Product Archive (SPUD)


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by Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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