Data Services Newsletter

Volume 12 : No 1 : Spring/Summer 2010

evalresp 3.3.2

Announcing evalresp version 3.3.2, available for download from IRIS DMC. You can get the evalresp source code through the ‘IRIS DMC Software – SEED Tools download page.


evalresp can be used to calculate either the complex spectral response or the frequency-amplitude-phase response for a specified station or set of stations, channel or channels, and network, for a specified date, time and frequency, using the SEED ASCII response (“RESP”) files produced by the program ‘rdseed’ as input.


Ilya Dricker, Instrumental Software Technolgies, Inc.

Revision Notes

Version 3.3.2
09-Mar-2010 Ilya Dricker

  • New output file type of Frequency-Amplitude-Phase triplets. FAP output can be requested by specifying ‘fap’ as the argument to the ‘-r’ option and the resulting file names are in the form of “FAP.Net.Sta.Loc.Chan”. The phase is always unwrapped for this output type.
  • New command line option “-unwrap” to request that the phase resulting from the default AMPlitude and PHASE file output file is unwrapped.
  • New “-ts” option to have evalresp use the “total sensitivity” for a given channel instead of the calculated product of the stage gains. When combined with the “-stage” option it is possible to calculate a full scale response for only a single stage, i.e. the poles and zeros stage.
  • Fixed automatic RESP file searching for Mac OSX 10.6+
  • Include warnings for SEED response stage delays (correction applied and estimated delay) that are negative.
  • Other minor cleanups, including a renaming of the man page from to evalresp.1.

Version 3.3.0
29-Apr-2009 Ilya Dricker *MODIFIED: processing of delays in FIR stages.
Now the following rules are applied for adding delays to the FIR

  1. Calculation of the response for a symmetrical FIR filter ignores the delay value in the RESP;
  2. Calculation of the response for an asymmetrical FIR filter uses the “correction applied” field of the RESP by default and “estimated delay” field on user request (a user should use an option -use-estimated-delay to switch this option on).
  3. ADDED: use CFLAGS environment variable as compiler options

Version 3.2.40
20-Jun-2008 Ilya Dricker

  • FIXED: bug in computation time limits
    25-Sep-2007 Ilya Dricker
  • REMOVED: 2 return statements in eversp which break LIB_MODE logic

More information

by Rob Casey (IRIS Data Management Center)

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