Data Services Newsletter

Volume 15 : No 1 : Summer 2013

New Networks at the DMC

Kuwait National Seismic Network (KW)

KW Network Map

Korean Seismic Network- KIGAM (KG)

KG Network Map

Nigerian National Network of Seismographi Stations – NNNSS (NJ)

NJ Network Map

West Indies IPGP Network (WI)

WI Network Map

Jamaica Seismograph Network (JM)

JM Network Map

Ecuador Seismic Network (EC)

EC Network Map

North-East Italy Broadband Network (NI)

NI Network Map

Antarctic Seismographic Argentinean Italian Network – ASAIN (AI)

AI Network Map

Vanuatu Seismic Network (VU)

VU Network Map

by Rob Newman (IRIS Data Management Center)

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