Data Services Newsletter

Volume 15 : No 3 : Winter 2013

IRIS DMC Staff Photo

The IRIS DMC has recently had some changes in personnel. In November 2013 Tim Ahern took a photograph of our current staff. Number breakdown of the staff, their role and group below.

Staff Photo
Figure 1: IRIS Data Management Center Staff Photo. See text for more information.


  1. MaryAnn Wood, Data Control Technician, Operations
  2. Manoch Bahavar, Product Specialist, Products and Services
  3. Sandy Stromme, Software Engineer, Operations
  4. Rob Casey, Director of Information Technology
  5. Mea Edmunds, Data Control Technician, Operations
  6. Gale Cox, Office Manager
  7. Inge Watson, Senior System Administrator, Operations
  8. Adam Clark, Web Applications Developer, Web Systems
  9. Gillian Sharer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Information Technology
  10. Mohammed Taher, Database Administrator, Operations
  11. Anh Ngo, Programmer, Operations
  12. Un Joe, Data Control Technician, Operations
  13. Bruce Weertmann, Software Engineer, Information Technology and Web Services
  14. Yigong Liu, Software Engineer, Products and Services
  15. Chad Trabant, Director of Projects
  16. Celso Reyes, Quality Assurance Engineer, Products and Services
  17. Alex Hutko, Product Specialist, Products
  18. Rick Benson, Director of Data Management
  19. Lonny Jones, Systems Administrator, Operations
  20. Yazan Suleiman, Software Engineer, Web Services
  21. Russ Welti, Software Engineer, Education and Public Outreach

Not pictured

Tim Ahern, Data Services Director
Sarah Ashmore, Data Control Technician, Information Technology
Rob Newman, Technology Architect, Web Systems
Mary Templeton, USArray Data Control Analyst, Information Technology

by Rob Newman (IRIS Data Management Center)

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