Data Services Newsletter

Volume 16 : No 2 : Summer 2014

New Networks at the DMC

Virginia seismic experiment (ZZ)

Network ZZ - 1

Collaborative Research: Unlocking the Seismic Signature of Rivers (X6)

Network X6

PFO Array (PY)

Network PY

Red Sismologica Nacional (C1)

Network C1

Youngstown, Ohio, induced earthquakes (7G)

Network 7G

Deployment for the Southern Cook Strait Earthquake Sequence (YG)

Network YG

Imaging the Matador arch using receiver funcitons from Texan dataloggers and short period geophones (ZQ)

Network ZQ

Curacao Seismic Network (WC)

Network WC

Central Arkansas Induced Eathquakes 2010-2011 (7F)

Network 7F

Wabash Valley Seismic Zone (6E)

Network 6E

Volacano Geophysics Field Course and Digital Signal Processing at Tungurahua, Ecuador (YO)

Network YO - 1

Sakurajima Infrasound Network (YO)

The DMC currently has data for this network, but no metadata. Therefore although we have data, we cannot distribute it yet.

Greeley, Colorado RAMP deployment June 2014 (XU)

Network XU

Understanding Precambrian to Present Assembly of Greenland (XF)

Network XF


Network ZZ - 2

Passive-Source Guided Wave Study along the San Andreas Fault in San Gorgonio Pass, California (Y8)

Network Y8

Luther, OK (Z2)

Network Z2

Illuminating the architecture of the greater Mount St. Helens magmatic systems from slab to surface (XD)

Network XD

by Rick Benson and Rob Newman (IRIS Data Management Center)

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