Data Services Newsletter

Volume 17 : No 1 : Spring 2015

DMC looks to the future by migrating operations from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Figure 1 - Database migration image

Over the winter of 2014 the IRIS DMC seamlessly migrated database operations from Oracle to the EnterpriseDB Postres Plus Advanced Server platform. EnterpriseDB is a relational database management system based on PostgreSQL that adds Oracle compatibility, performance and management features. The migration was motivated by large cost-savings in switching from a paid closed-source system (Oracle) to an open-source solution. The ability to quickly and efficiently operate fail-over and backup facilities at our Auxiliary Data Center located in Livermore, CA at the Livermore Valley Open Campus (LVOC) was another driver.

The new system is operated by an enterprise-level, non-virtualized server with attached storage and the cost savings will be used to affordably add new services. It also unifies the Data Services relational data architecture under the PostgreSQL system.

by Rob Newman and Rick Benson (IRIS Data Management Center)

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