Data Services Newsletter

Volume 17 : No 1 : Spring 2015

Mick Van Fossen - Web Services & Products

I joined IRIS in April 2014 as software developer for the Web Services and the Products groups. I’m enjoying every minute of my role here as there seems to be a new challenge and project around every corner! I bring to the organization about 15 years industry engineering experience on top of a hefty graduate and post-doctoral career in geophysics. In that previous career I had opportunities to travel to far flung places for field work and and I co-authored some 15 publications in JGR, GRL, and Nature.

Thus it’s great to be back in a science/engineering environment like IRIS where the conversations at the water cooler are truly stimulating. I’ve already made great friends here and along with them I want to continue helping our clients get the most out of IRIS web services and products.

Mick and his dog Yogi

by Mick Van Fossen (IRIS DMC)

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