Data Services Newsletter

Volume 18 : No 1 : Spring 2016

The IRIS Federator includes more data centers and MATLAB client support

The IRIS Federator is a catalog of time series channels at data centers supporting FDSN web services. The catalog web service interface is designed to support discovery of data across data centers, allowing channel searches based on location, time and channel identifiers. The output of the service is designed to make it easy to submit requests to the appropriate centers.

After initial release in May 2015, new data centers have been included in the IRIS Federator catalog for a total of 14. These include BGR (Hannover, Germany), USPSC (São Paulo, Brazil), NOA (Athens, Greece), IPGP (Paris, France), NCEDC (Berkeley, USA), KOERI (Istanbul, Turkey), ORFEUS (de Bilt, the Netherlands), NIEP (Bucharest, Romania), RESIF (Grenoble, France), SED (Zurich, Switzerland), GEOFON (Potsdam, Germany), IRIS DMC (Seattle, USA), INGV (Rome, Italy), LMU (Munich, Germany). As more data centers adopt and support FDSN web services they will be included in our Federator. For a center to qualify their services must be robust meet the requirements.

In addition to federation support in the DMC’s popular FetchData command line client, we have added federation support to our irisFetch.m MATLAB client. The federation functionality combined with the ability to store data directly in SAC files significantly enhances the data collection capability of irisFetch.m.

by Chad Trabant (IRIS DMC)

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