Data Services Newsletter

Volume 18 : No 2 : Summer 2016

Thailand Seismic Network Data: Added data sharing with IRIS

Beginning in March 2016, historical data from the horizontal (BHE and BHN) channels from many stations operated by the Thailand Seismic Network first became available, uploading of data that is dated back to Sept of 2009. Historically, this network only shared the BHZ channel in real time to the IRIS DMC. What motivated this network to contribute these data was initially a need for their internal research team to utilize the tools of IRIS Data Services for the benefit of investigating inner core structures, but this highlights the value of 1): data completeness, and also 2): Services functionality at IRIS that enables expedient, reliable, and robust filtering access to data for the benefit of all users .

This is an important contribution to IRIS and our global community of data users.

Thailand Data Map
Thailand Data Map

by Rick Benson (IRIS-DMC)

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