Data Services Newsletter

Volume 19 : No 2 : Summer 2017

Introducing PH5 Web Services: Three new FDSN Web Services for accessing PH5 datasets

The IRIS DMC in collaboration with the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center is pleased to announce the addition of three new FDSN compliant web service interfaces. These services are designed to provide an interface to time series datasets, related station metadata, and active (controlled) source event (shot) information stored in the PH5 data archive.

Detailed descriptions of the service endpoints and example queries can be found in the following service documentation:


The PH5 Dataselect Web Service can stream waveform data in both miniSEED or optionally as a compressed-zip of SAC formatted files. Users who require data in SEG-Y format will need to use a legacy PH5 Web Form, which will temporarily remain active for this purpose. For active source experiments, the PH5 Dataselect service also provides a new request type for requesting data immediately following the times that shots (events) occurred.


The PH5 Station Web Service can output station metadata formatted as FDSN StationXML or in a pipe-delimited format.


The PH5 Event Web Service can output active source event metadata formatted as QuakeML or in a text format.

The PH5 Dataselect and Station services are designed to work with existing FDSN clients, such as irisFetch.m, FetchData, FetchMetadata and ObsPy.

Among the handful of experiments currently available through the PH5 Web Services is the Community Wavefield Demonstration Experiment. We anticipate the amount of data available through the PH5 Web Services to grow quickly as additional PH5 experiments are added. We encourage users to periodically revisit the services to discover newly added data.

Searching for and accessing data from both the PH5 and primary repository at the DMC can be accomplished using the IRIS Federator. For tools supporting the Federator, access to both of these repositories is seamless.

We welcome feedback and questions.

by Nick Falco (IRIS DMC)

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