Data Services Newsletter

Volume 2 : No 2 : June 2000

Seismic Processing Capabilities/Tape Copy Facilities

Resources that the IRIS DMC can send to users

The IRIS DMS has 3 computing resources that can be shipped to individual researchers on an as-needed basis:

  • 2 Ultra-10 computers with 18 gigabytes of disk and 2-D versions of Omega software (shippable)
  • 1 tape copy system based on a Sparc 5 workstation and with configurable tape drives (shippable)

2-D Omega Processing Systems

During the past year, the IRIS DMS acquired the licenses for two Omega 2-D seismic processing systems that were no longer being used by the IRIS PASSCAL program. We also acquired two Ultra 10 Sun Workstations equipped with an 18-gigabyte hard disk and, if requested, various tape drives. This system can be shipped to researchers needing temporary use of such a system. You can make a request for this system by filling out the form found at Requests for borrowing the system for up to 6 months can be accommodated assuming there are no competing requests. Back to back requests can be honored depending upon availability of the equipment.

Tape Copy System

A system that is primarily intended to be used for copying large numbers of tapes from one media type to another media type or just to make copies of large data sets is also available. This system uses a Sparc 5 workstation and can be configured with several tape subsystems, including:

  • 2 DLT 4000 standalone tape drives
  • 2 10-tape 8mm Exabyte Stackers
  • 2 6-tape 4mm DAT stackers

The 2-D Omega systems and the Tape Copy Systems come with shipping cases and are intended for use at your own University facility. The 3-D Omega system is intended only for use at the DMC. For more information please contact Tim Ahern or see the information on the WWW form referenced above.

3-D Omega Processing System at the DMC

The IRIS DMC also has an Enterprise 3000 with 100 gigabytes of disk available. This system has a 3-D version of the Omega software installed. Users can request use of this facility (see form reference above) and the system can be used either by traveling to the DMC or by accessing it over the Internet.

by Tim Ahern (IRIS Data Management Center)

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