Data Services Newsletter

Volume 2 : No 3 : September 2000

seed2sync - a sync file creation utility

Seed2sync was developed to aid quality assurance efforts during the SEED archiving process at the DMC. Seed2sync generates a Sync file from an input SEED file. This program could also be used by data providers who have not yet developed in-house methods to generate a Sync file. Once a Sync file is generated, it can be uploaded to the DMC’s web site and viewed with GOAT or Combine which provide graphical views of time gaps, overlaps, and continuity in the timeseries data (overview of Sync file tools).

Seed2sync can take as input either full or mini-SEED from either tape or disk. The Sync file is written to a file specified by an argument, and if the output from seed2sync is piped or redirected, then the SEED file will be passed through unchanged. This “filter” approach allows seed2sync to be more easily inserted into an existing archive procedure. The DMC will provide the seed2sync program upon request. E-mail us for more information,or to request a copy.

by Sandy Stromme (IRIS Data Management Center)

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