Data Services Newsletter

Volume 23 : No 1 : Spring 2021

IRIS Welcomes Mike Stults

IRIS Data Services is happy to welcome back Mike Stults to its software engineering staff. Mike brings with him an extensive background in software development, with particular skill in Java enterprise work.

Mike originally joined IRIS in 2014 as a software engineer to work on EarthCube, which is a collaborative to promote and standardize access and use of geo-scientific data across many disciplines. As a member of a working group formed to explore concepts of data and tool sharing, Mike contributed to the development of the GeoCSV text-oriented data standard by providing tools and services that support GeoCSV in Earth science data representation.

Mike was also involved in the IRIS GeoSciCloud project to compare two cloud environments’ ability to handle data request processing via web services. Using container technology (Docker,Kubernetes), stress tests were written and performed to acquire performance metrics for evaluation and reporting of results.

After departing IRIS, Mike worked as a software engineer for a medical commercial services company based in Cincinnati, updating customer facing web portals. Later, Mike worked on Java middleware and orchestration services for Expedia Group.

Mike, having rejoined IRIS, is looking forward to continuing work on moving web services and data to a cloud environment as well as merging cyberinfrastructure with UNAVCO; in addition to helping maintain and improve current DMC data services.

by Rob Casey (IRIS Data Management Center)

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