Data Services Newsletter

Volume 23 : No 2 : Summer 2021

New Data: Summer 2021

This article highlights the availability of new sensor data from networks that have submitted data to IRIS Data Services during the summer of 2021 (April-August). Note that the actual data from these may not have been collected during 2021, just that they became available for the first time during this quarter.

7D (2018-2021): Lake-induced earthquakes in Lake Erie (LEEP (Lake Erie Earthquake exPeriment))

8L (2019): Mt. Meager Geothermal Nodal Array

9K (2019-2020): Durres, Albania earthquake aftershock campaign

C8: Canadian Seismic Research Network


NT: USGS Geomagnetism Program

OC: Observatorio Sismológico CIGEOBIO CONICET

OQ: Oklahoma Structural and Site Effects Network

RI: National Seismic Network of Argentina

X1 (2020): MUSE – Myanmar Universities Nodal Seismic Experiments

XE (2018-2019): Pacific Array – Haxby

XE (2020-2022): “High Resolution Imaging of the Pedernales Earthquake Rupture Zone – Nodes”

XK (2021-2026): “Geisel Library- UCSD

YH (2021-2023): “Defining the Source of the 1886 Earthquake”

YU (2019-2024): “Cornell University Earth Source Heat seismic network”

YW (2021-2025): “Muswellbrook Australia”

ZL (2020-2021): “Soil Soundscapes from Seismic Arrays”


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