Data Services Newsletter

Volume 23 : No 3 : Winter 2021

New Data: Winter 2021

This article highlights the availability of new sensor data from networks that have submitted data to IRIS Data Services during the fall of 2021 (Sept-Dec). Note that the actual data from these may not have been collected during 2021, just that they became available for the first time during this quarter. Newly collected data can remain restricted as defined by the data restriction policy.

2D (2012): Humming Roadrunner Temporary Seismoacoustic Network

2N (2018): TIME Tornillo, Texas Shot Testing I

2O (2019-2025): Beetaloo Seismic Monitoring Project

3A: Node deployment in Oaxaca, Mexico following the M8.1 Tehuantepec Earthquake

3A (2021): Reykjanes, Iceland

3B (2021-2022): Southern Methodist University

4B (2021): El Paso Iglesias

6E (2021): Sub-surface imaging of the west Reno basin

6N (2021): Mt Rainier, Washington

7P (2018-2020): Investigating West Texas Seismicity and Structure with Dense Geophone Arrays

7Q (2019-2020): RAPID: Capturing aftershock sequence of 2019 Mw 6.4 Ridgecrest and 7.1 Ridgecrest earthquakes

9D (2021): Dryland Critical Zone: Jornada Piedmont Seismic Imaging

9L (2013-2016): Stanford Geophysics Donor Data Collection

IV : Tensor Strain Meter Data, Italy, UNAVCO

XB (2014): Sweetwater Array

Y5 (2021): Valles Caldera and Gallina Fault Node Array 2021

YI (2019): Geometrics Atoms 1-/3-C & Other Instruments Comparisons

YL (2021-2022): MangyStaU ARray (MSUAR) Feasibility Study

YR (2021): An Open-Access, Controlled-Source Seismic Dataset Across the Cascadia Accretionary Wedge From Multi-Scale Regional OBS and Focus

by Rick Benson (IRIS-DMC)

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