Data Services Newsletter

Volume 24 : No 3 : Winter 2022

New Data: Winter 2022

This article highlights the availability of new sensor data from networks that have submitted data to IRIS Data Services during May-November 2022. Note that the actual data from these may not have been collected during 2022, just that they became available for the first time during this time period. Newly collected data can remain restricted as defined by the data restriction policy.

1Q (2019-2021): Northern Lake Abaya Broadband Network

2L (2020-2022): Wellington Wellbore Velocity change experiment

2N (2022): High Resolution Imaging of the Pedernales Earthquake Rupture Zone – Nodes Phase II

2P (2017-2019): Broadband East Coast Network

3A (2022): 2022 Cascadia node deployment

3H (2021): Shasta21

3H (2022-2022): Rainier_2022

5K (2022): Broadbands for Mines Spring 2022 Field Camp

6J (2021-2022): RAPID: Response to the 29 July 2021 Chignik Earthquake

6R (2019-2021): Turkana Rift Arrays to Investigate Lithospheric Strains – UK component

7L (2016): Taupo temporary infrasound network – May 3, 2016

7S (2019-2021): Dense Westland Arrays Researching Fault Segmentation: What controls earthquake segmentation along New Zealand’s Alpine Fault?

8E (2021): PACIFIC multi array for ambient noise seismic survey at Kallak Iron ore deposit (KALLAK)

8H (2021-2025): SMART Prototytpe

9J (2021): Mount St. Helens 2021

A2 (2021-): Armenian Seismological Network

A7 (2018-): Angola National Seismic Network

AB (2003-): National Seismic Network of Azerbaijan

OW (2018-): Ocean Networks Canada Onshore Network

QZ (2003-): Seismic network of the Seismological Experience and Methodology Expedition CS MES RK

UF (2022-): Centro de Investigación de Resiliencia y Riesgos Multi-Amenazas

WW (2022-): Idaho Seismic Network

X4 (2022): Guerrero Gap Active Source Experiment

XM (2022-2024): TANGO-BB

XP (2022): EGS Collab: 4100L

Y2 (2012): Green County Observation

YC (2018-2020): Northern Borneo Orogeny Seismic Survey

YC (2022-2027): Tonga Temporary Seismic Monitoring Network

YL (2013-2014): Seismo-acoustic experiment and initial monitoring effort at Pagan Volcano, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

YQ (2020-2022): Establishing a new, permanent seismic station in Mammoth Cave National Park

Z5 (2022-2024): Dry Rifting In the Albertine-Rhino graben (DRIAR), Uganda

ZG (2022): Seismic Imaging of the Pea Ridge Mine area, Southeast Missouri

ZX (2011-2014): Gisborne-Mahia Seismic Tremor Array

by Gillian Sharer (IRIS Data Management Center)

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