Data Services Newsletter

Volume 24 : No 3 : Winter 2022

Bill Fasbinder - Deputy Director of Infrastructure

I am the new Deputy Director of Infrastructure in IRIS’s Data Services Directorate. My teams are responsible for the general care and feeding of technical deliverables and our mission is to deliver our services reliably, and in a predictably cost effective manner.

My background is mostly in large-scale web-facing technical operations. I am a technology generalist and have managed global teams with specialties ranging from networking to security to contract management. I’ve worked at several Internet notables including, EarthLink, Level(3), Ticketmaster, Disney and most recently, SurveyMonkey. Networking was what brought me into the professional computing industry and will always have a special place in my technical heart.

I am a self-proclaimed nerd and cut my teeth by copying BASIC programs from Byte magazine into my dad’s TRS-80 model 3 and storing them on cassette tapes. I’d eventually upgrade to a Commodore64. Video games are what got me into computers and I am still an avid, but admittedly casual gamer. No Man’s Sky is my present time-sync. I am also a Ham radio operator. -KM6FCD

by Bill Fasbinder (IRIS)

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