Data Services Newsletter

Volume 4 : No 2 : June 2002

National Data Center of the Institute of Geophysical Research of the National Nuclear Center of Republic of Kazakhstan

The IRIS DMS welcomes a new working arrangement with the National Data Center of the Institute of Geophysical Research of the National Nuclear Center of Republic of Kazakhstan. This arrangement will insure that data from the many of the seismic stations operating in Kazakhstan will continue to provide data to the IRIS DMC. This article provides a little background about this center.

General information

Kazakhstan National Data Center (KazNDC) was set up as a subdivision of the Institute of Geophysical Research of the National Nuclear Center of Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty in 1999. It started operation in August, 1999.

Address of the Center:
4 Ð Chaikinoi Str.
480020, Kazakhstan
Phone: +7-(3272)-53-13-30
Fax: +7-(3272)-53-48-82

Main Goals

IGR NNC RK seismic monitoring system consists of network of stations and data center.

At present seismic monitoring network of the Institute of Geophysical Research NNC RK includes the following seismic stations and arrays:

  • Seismic array Makanchi, included in the primary IMS network (PS-23)
  • Seismic station Makanchi IRIS/GSN
  • Seismic array Karatau
  • Large aperture seismic array Borovoye, consisting of three subarrays: Chkalovo, Vostochnoye, Zerenda and central point Borovoye
  • Borovoye IRIS/IDA station
  • Kurchatov IRIS/IDA station
  • Kurchatov Cross seismic array
  • Three-component seismic station Aktyubinsk
  • Three-component seismic station Talgar
  • Three-component seismic station Podgornoye.

Beginning of operation of AS057 Borovoye seismic array, an auxiliary IMS station is scheduled for 2002.

In addition there are three infrasound arrays: Borovoye, Kurchatov and a new infrasound array in Aktyubinsk.

A Data Center of the Institute of Geophysical Research is located in Almaty. On the figure one can see communication system between the Center and all observation points.

The data from Makanchi, Karatau, Borovoye seismic arrays and Kurchatov IRIS/IDA station arrive at the Center in real time. From the KNDC the data are sent to the International Data Center in Vienna (Austria), to AFTAC (Florida, USA), to IRIS and LDEO. W e also exchange data with the Data Center of Russian Geophysical Survey, Obninsk, in the form of alarm reports.

Two types of data processing are performed. Automatic processing of data arriving in real time is performed using EP software package, installed at the Data Center by the experts from Norway Data Center NORSAR. Analysts perform online data processing using DataScope and Geotool software. In addition we have Seetool software installed for data analysis.

Databases and archives are created in the Data Center. The raw records from all the three-component stations are converted into SEED volumes and are stored on CDs (for 1994 Ð 2000). The raw records arriving in real time together with the results of automatic and manual processing are stored on magnetic tapes in CSS format. There are databases of archive records from Borovoye station, digitized archive records from CSE archive in Talgar, database of calibration explosions detonated at STS between 1997 and 2000, and other data.

Schematic figure of the Kazakhstan National Data Center
Figure 1: Schematic figure of the Kazakhstan National Data Center


KazNDC is located in a two-story building at the NNC RK and ME and MR complex facility. The working area is about 400 m^2^. There is one conference hall for 30 seats, one conference hall for 50 seats and equipment for presentations: 1 computer projector, and two overhead projectors.

If necessary to hold an event with a large number of participants, it is possible rent a larger room.


At present KazNDC staff consists of 15 people. Among them:

  • The head of the KazNDC, doctor of Physical and mathematical Sciences Mikhailova N N (seismologist)
  • Secretary
  • Technical group managing and maintaining the stations and computer network of the Center -4 people
  • Analytics -seismologists -2 people
  • Infrasound analytic -1 person
  • Person, responsible for databases -1 person
  • Geologist -1 person
  • Senior research scientists -3 people
  • An assistant in logistics and customs procedures -1 person

Technical Basis

The following equipment is available at KazNDC:

  • 10 SUN workstations
  • 10 PC workstations
  • 2 Laser printers
  • 2 inkjet printers
  • A3 format copy machine
  • 1 Scanner
  • Constant Internet access


KazNDC works in close cooperation with different international organizations. Among them:

  • Russian Geophysical Survey (GS RAS)
  • IRIS (USA)
  • LDEO (USA)
  • NORSAR (Norway)
  • IMS, IDC, PTS CTBTO (Vienna, Austria)

by Nadezhda Belyashova (Kazakhstan National Data Center)

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