Data Services Newsletter

Volume 5 : No 2 : April 2003

The State of SPYDER

Some changes have occurred to the SPYDER® system regarding its underlying data retrieval methods and data window calculations.

With the advent of an online, near-real time data buffer (BUD) the SPYDER® system was no longer reliant on successfully accessing remote data sources. The SPYDER® system now has access to online data from nearly 300 stations. With online data available, some of the methods used to retrieve data for FARM products (which access the IRIS DMC deep archive) are also used for SPYDER®.

An NEIC alert is still used as the trigger for SPYDER® but the event is first loaded into, then retrieved from, the DMC database. This allows the WEED program to serve as a common method for both FARM and SPYDER® request processing. Also, with no dial-up costs to consider, the SPYDER® data windows have been expanded (to approximately one hour after P or S).

Accessing local data and using methods common to FARM has greatly reduced maintenance of SPYDER® and makes for a more reliable system.

Currently, the VASE program is being tested as another method of accessing data from the FARM and SPYDER® data repositories. Look for the release of this application in the months to come.

by Sandy Stromme and Deborah Barnes (IRIS Data Management Center)

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