Data Services Newsletter

Volume 5 : No 2 : April 2003

The DMC Software Group

Softwarus Engineerus Iris

The Software Group here at the DMC is made up of 7 very talented people with diversified backgrounds. This diversity helps to make this a very well rounded yet integrated group; able to tackle very complex interfaces and data structures. Because of the nature of our “business”, co-operation and co-ordination are essential to producing quality software products. Below is a brief summary of the responsibilities of each of our software engineers (listed in alphabetical order).

Rob Casey

Photo of Rob Casey

Rob has worked for IRIS for almost 9 years. Rob’s focus at this time is maintaining WILBER and NetDC services. His development focus has been on Java solutions for SEED data processing and a new Portable Data Collection Centers (PDCC) data management tool.

Linus Kamb

Photo Linus Kamb

Linus divides his efforts between IRIS projects and SCEC-ITR work. For IRIS, he is working primarily on an XML Station Book and Station Engineering Log applications. As part of the SCEC-ITR project, he assists in the development of the so-called Pathway 2 component of the Community Modeling Environment.

Chris Laughbon

Photo of Chris Laughbon

Chris is another long-time IRIS employee. His duties include enhancement and maintenance of rdseed, verseed and pod. He is also working on the development of DHI servers/clients, including VASE.

Sue Schoch

Photo of Sue Schoch

Sue is one of the first IRIS DMC employees! Her main task is database administrator. She is responsible for the software used to process archive data requests as well as track the progress of requests through the entire request process and keep track of statistics pertaining to these requests. She also created the Fissures server that supplies network, station and channel information. These are but a few of her contributions.

Sandy Stromme

Photo of Sandy Stromme

Sandy’s connection with IRIS goes back to her UW days working on the SPYDER® system. Now she mainly works on supporting services for incoming, online, and outgoing BUD data streams.

Russ Welti

Photo of Russ Welti

Russ has a split personality. Half of the time he works for the DMS taking some of the load off of the others – in particular supporting WILBER and assorted other tasks – while the other Russ works for E&O developing and supporting the two Seismic Monitor products: the web page and the museum display. One of the most recent additions to the DMC staff, he has begun reading the SEED manual for sheer pleasure and often quotes some of its more lively and entertaining passages to friends and family.

Bruce Weertman

Photo of Bruce Weertman

Bruce is the lead developer on the DMS Quality Assurance Initiative – otherwise know as QUACK (Quality Analysis Control Kit). When completed, QUACK will monitor the quality of the real time seismic data flowing into the BUD. Bruce also is responsible for the BUD Archive Transfer System – BATS. BATS moves the real time data out of the BUD and into the main archive.

by Deborah Barnes (IRIS Data Management Center)

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