Data Services Newsletter

Volume 6 : No 1 : January 2004

Preparing for USArray - Hardware

New IRIS DMC hardware - Sunfire
Figure 1: New IRIS DMC hardware in preparation for USArray data

In preparation for the anticipated large increase of data from the US Array initiative, the IRIS-DMC has made many changes. To increase nearline storage, a new Hitachi RAID system was added to the Storage Array Network (SAN) that brings an additional 3TB of disk. There have been two new Sunfire V880 servers added to create a parallel realtime data acquisition system, paralleling the current BUD system.

To increase the capacity of our Mass Storage system, 5 new StorageTek 9940B tape drives have been added. These drives increase the per tape capacity from 60Gb to 200Gb, and the data throughput by 3 times. Another change is the replacement of the older DLT7000 based library with a new LTO-2 based library to handle the offsite storage of the data. This represents a per tape increase of 35Gb to 200Gb and data throughput of approximately 4 times.

To handle the increased power load brought on by this new equipment, we have also added an additional 16KVA UPS to our computer room. This will handle all the new machines and provide improved power conditioning and runtime in the event of a power failure.

All in all, the addition of the USArray data has resulted in much new equipment and activity here at the DMC.

by Rick Braman and Lonny Jones (IRIS Data Management Center)

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