Data Services Newsletter

Volume 6 : No 1 : January 2004

New Data at the DMC

This is a new section of our newsletter. We will be reporting the arrival (by quarter) of “new” data. That is, data from temporary or permanent networks that we have not received data from before.

New data arriving 4th quarter of 2003

Temporary network XL
Consortium for Arizona Reconnaissance Seismic Experiment
nickname COARSE
start year 2002
end year 2004
category OTHER
restricted? Yes
description COARSE is a seismic array oriented SW-NE across the Colorado Plateau-Basin and Range regions in southern Arizona. The primary goals of the project are to measure crustal thickness, upper mantle velocity structure, mantle transition zone thickness variations, and seismic anisotropy parameters across the region. These preliminary data will be used to develop a compelling case for an EarthScope/USArray Flexible Array experiment that we hope to deploy when the Bigfoot component of USArray is installed across Arizona.
Temporary network XQ
Oregon Array for Teleseismic Study
nickname OATS
start year 2003
end year 2005
category OTHER
restricted? Yes
description OATS is a deployment of the University of Wisconsin Broadband Network (UWBN) across Oregon. The line extends from the McDermitt Caldera to the northwest along the Newberry track, past the Newberry Caldera, over the High Cascades and on to the coast within ~100 km of the trench. The array will provide data to constrain the subsurface structure associated with the Newberry track and caldera, and the subducted Juan de Fuca slab using the large number of teleseismic earthquake sources within a few degrees of the array azimuth.

For more information about requesting this data, please view the Requesting and Using IRIS Data page.

by Rick Benson (IRIS Data Management Center)

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