Data Services Newsletter

Volume 6 : No 2 : June 2004

Where is that page....

IRIS has a large and ever expanding Web site. This means that some of our services and information pages can be hard to find. There may be things we offer that you were not aware of or have lost track of as things change. Below is a list of what can be considered some of our more “obscure” web pages and services:

Bulkmail Services

Data Problem Reports

  • what: Problem reports are filed by network operators with regard to station/channel/time errors. These reports are posted and can be searched using a simple web form.
  • where:

IRIS Citation Documentation

  • what: 1300 publications that acknowledge IRIS support (485 Kb pdf)
  • where: (no longer available)

Job Listings

  • what: The jobs listed on this page are posted by members of the IRIS community. Jobs are submitted for posting via the IRIS Bulkmail Service (listed above)
  • where:

by Deborah Barnes (IRIS Data Management Center)

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