Data Services Newsletter

Volume 7 : No 2 : June 2005

Mary Templeton - USArray Data Control Analyst

I was tickled to join the DMC staff this past May as data control analyst for the EarthScope Backbone Array. I telecommute from the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center in Socorro, New Mexico, where I’m collaborating with Chad, Peggy, and the folks from the GSN, Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory, the NEIC and AFTAC to help optimize the quality of Backbone Array data at the DMC.

Photo of Mary Templeton

Though I started college (a long time ago) as a music major, I wound up graduating in geology and venturing into seismology. I began grad school looking at earthquake and explosion data at UC Berkeley (M.A.) but became intrigued with crustal reflection seismology at University of Wyoming (Ph.D.). I’ve worked a bit locating earthquakes at the USGS, characterizing the seismotectonics of dam sites for the US Bureau of Reclamation, and teaching geology & geophysics at California State University Fullerton. For the past nearly 7 years, I’ve been part of the PASSCAL staff, helping PASSCAL users deliver quality SEED data to the DMC.

After hours, I’ve become convinced that I can learn to play bluegrass mandolin. When I’m not practicing, I relish my 2 other passions – desert wildflowers and Jim.

by Mary Templeton (IRIS Data Management Center)

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