Data Services Newsletter

Volume 7 : No 4 : December 2005

VASE v2.6.2 Released

Vase is a Java-based client application designed for viewing and extracting seismic waveforms from the DHI waveform repository via the BUD, POND, and waveform archive.

Vase has had a complete makeover since version 2.1. Instead of version 2.1’s popup windows, all program functionality is contained in tabbed panes. This yields a more organized program layout.

Screenshot of VASE 2.6.2
Figure 1: Screenshot of VASE 2.6.2.

Vase 2.6.2 has a server selection screen which allows greater ease of use compared with version 2.1. In addition it lets you select network data centers. With the new network connection ability, Vase can now query based on station latitude and longitude as well as retrieving the instrument sensitivity for placing in the sac and sac_ascii files. Support for sac_ascii file output is also new for Vase 2.6.2.

Along with the station latitude/longitude awareness, Vase now has a mapping tool which allows the user to query for stations which lie within a latitude/longitude box area, all stations within a specified distance from a point, and all stations in a user defined area. You can also map any resulting stations you’ve queried.

Although the seismogram display pane looks the same as version 2.1, it has been completely redone in Swing which will provide a stable upgrade path as operating systems are updated.

In addition to he new sac_ascii file saving support, you can now move around the hard drive to specify an output directory. Version 2.1 always placed files in the install directory.

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by Rob Casey (IRIS Data Management Center)

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