Data Services Newsletter

Volume 8 : No 4 : December 2006

IRIS DMC Data Access Tools

IRIS DMC announces a short course at the EarthScope National Meeting

The topics that we will be covering at the course include

and IRIS developed DHI clients

  • VASE

The 4-hour short course will be limited to about 25 people who must bring their own laptop computers. More information will be sent by IRIS bulkmail early next year.

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IRIS Data Request Tools:

Assembled Data Request Form

A Web form for requesting assembled data sets.
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An e-mail request format. Breq_fast is the most common format for making a request because no special tool is needed to format a request.
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BUD Interface

A Web interface for searching and requesting data from the near real-time BUD system. Data is delivered in miniSEED format. BUD data can be accessed by the BUD Web interface, LISS client, or DHI client. One can itemize primary functions, view waveforms, check latency, continuity, request data, etc.
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JWeed is a map-based seismogram request tool. It enables the user to select events and stations and then download the data to their computer. JWeed is platform-independent and allows the user to access information from remote data centers, using the Data Handling Interface (DHI), and from local file sources that the user has generated and downloaded.
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Another e-mail based request format. Similar to a BREQ_FAST request in format, NetDC allows users to query or request data from more than one networked data center with only one e-mail. Request routing is handled internally by every participating network data center.
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A Web interface into our Oracle database of data holdings including all timeseries information and all meta data, like responses, sensor locations, etc. Users are encouraged to search the database before making a request. SeismiQuery is also used to extract channel response files and can be used to make data requests (like BREQ_FAST).
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VASE is a Java-based client application designed for viewing and extracting seismic waveforms from the DHI waveform repository via BUD.
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A Web form used to submit BREQ_FAST-style requests directly to the DMC. This tool does NOT query the database. There is a BREQ_FAST request generator within SeismiQuery that accesses the database before generating a request. This way, the user knows exactly what they will be getting when their request is fulfilled.
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A Web interface for searching and requesting data from our SPYDER® and FARM archive. Data is delivered in SEED, miniSEED, SAC binary or SAC ASCII files.
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Help with the Data Request Tools

IRIS Data Request Tools Wizard

by Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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