The DMC currently has four core groups (managers in parentheses):

Data Products

The IRIS DMC works closely with members of the seismology community to develop, host and distribute a diverse array of data products. In addition to developing our own in-house products, IRIS funds the development of external data products, which we then make freely available to the community.
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Information Technology

We develop several high-profile downloadable software packages in-house, including JWEED and PDCC. Additionally we develop web-based tools to allow users to explore our data-holdings interactively, including Wilber.


The operations group manages our real-time and archived data, ensuring the quality of all incoming data from networks around the world, assembling data sets for specific experiments, and providing data query results to users from a variety of tools and services. The data they are responsible for are used by all other groups in their products, tools and services.

Web Services

To provide programmatic access to our data holdings, the DMC has developed a series of web-services that allow users to connect to, and download directly, time-series data and metadata from our data holdings. We also provide several interfaces to directly connect to these web-services using Java and Matlab. We have recently developed equivalent FDSN services.

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