Other Data Centers

FDSN Web Services

FDSN web services provide a standard for accessing (mostly) passive source miniSEED data, and have been widely adopted.

Data Centers Supporting FDSN Web Services

Web Service Federation provides a way to seamlessly access FDSN web service data across data centers.

Active Source Data Centers

High Rate GPS Data Centers

Source Website Notes Contact
USGS Processing of all continuous GPS in continental U.S. Includes one day solutions updated daily and 5-min high rate solutions updated daily. 1Hz GPS is available for a subset of stations and updated daily Jessica Murray, USGS Menlo Park
NSF GAGE Provides a guide for the layout of UNAVOC’s FTP data servers and provides links to direct FTP access to NSF GAGE holdings of GPS/GNSS data. (Unknown)
Nevada Geodetic Laboratory Processing of international networks. One day solutions and 5-min high rate solutions are updated variably at time scales of daily, weekly, and monthly Bill Hammond, University of Nevada, Reno
Central Washington University 1/3 of the PANGA network processed in real-time. 1Hz GPS made available in real time Tim Melbourne, Central Washington University
SOPAC SOPAC provides the following services and products to the scientific community:
  • Precise near real-time and predicted GPS satellite orbits,
  • Precise polar motion and Earth rotation variations,
  • On-line GARNER data archive of continuously operating GPS tracking stations, for data collected since 1990,
  • Time series of daily three-dimensional positions for the global and California stations with respect to the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF),
  • Software for remote downloading of continuous GPS data,
  • Consultation on installation and operations of continuous GPS arrays.
Yehuda Bock, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
SCIGN Southern California Integrated GPS Network (SCIGN) Ken Hudnut, USGS Pasadena
GNS An interactive, multi-layered map displaying the locations of GeoNet’s continuous GPS network (cGPS), seismograph sites, strong-motion detection sites and tsunami gauge sites. (Unknown)
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