Network Outage


Starting around 2017-02-17 16:20 UTC (11:20 EDT / 8:20 PDT) IRIS Data Services experienced a network outage. We are still looking into the cause of the outage and hope to be back online as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience to your workflow.


Metadata include station siting, instrumentation, and earthquake information which serve to enhance and support our waveform data archives.


Online tools for exploring metadata holdings


Dataless SEED

Dataless SEED is a subset of the SEED data format, and includes instrument responses, instrument coordinates, compression type, etc.. A dataless volume is commonly used to populate a metadata database or in combination with MiniSEED to convert time series to an alternate format such as full SEED (using the IRIS DMC’s rdseed software).

Station XML

A modern alternative to dataless SEED volumes to exchange seismological metadata is the FDSN’s StationXML schema.

SAC Poles and Zeros

A SAC Poles and Zeros file is used to provide instrument response metadata for timeseries data in SAC format.
See this screencast.