EarthScope Statistics

EarthScope archiving and distribution at the DMC

updated May 2016

  • EarthScope Data Holdings (PDF)
  • EarthScope Shipments in Terabytes (PDF)
  • USArray Shipments by Interface (PDF)
  • USArray Shipments by Interface, Monthly (PDF)
  • USArray Shipments by Interface, by Year (PDF)
  • USArray Data Holdings (PDF)
  • USArray Station Days (PDF)

USArray quarterly gap and continuity metrics

(3rd Quarter 2009 – 4th Quarter 2014)

  • Gaps (number of gaps per station-day in histogram plots)
  • Continuity (longest contiguous data segment per month per station in histogram plots)

USArray network availability

(% uptime across the network in 1- and 3-month rolling averages)

  • Permanent (Backbone) Array (JPG|PDF) updated January 2014
  • Transportable Array (JPG|PDF) updated January 2014
  • Full (Composite) Array (JPG|PDF) updated January 2014
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