Network Outage


Starting around 2017-02-17 16:20 UTC (11:20 EDT / 8:20 PDT) IRIS Data Services experienced a network outage. We are still looking into the cause of the outage and hope to be back online as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience to your workflow.

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    Are the listed sensitivies for USArray channels nominal or measured? by Michael O'Brien
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    Are there infrasound sensors at Transportable Array stations? by IRIS Webmaster
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    What are the standard USArray TA station channels? by IRIS Webmaster
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    How many simultaneous ws/bulkdataselect requests can I send at one time? by IRIS Webmaster
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    Does IRIS perform quality assurance on the data it receives? by IRIS Webmaster
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    I think my data looks funny and none of these other questions address my problem. Who can I ask? by IRIS Webmaster
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    I want to look at an earthquake that happened yesterday. How long do I have to wait for all the USArray TA data to arrive? by IRIS Webmaster
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    I requested some USArray TA data and received multiple copies of the same data. Why did this happen? by IRIS Webmaster
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    How long do USArray TA stations stay in one spot? by IRIS Webmaster
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    Are any of the USArray TA stations permanent? by IRIS Webmaster
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    Can we arrange to keep a USArray TA station so that it is not removed? by IRIS Webmaster
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    Are there any other sensors besides seismometers at USArray TA stations? by IRIS Webmaster
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    Someone told me the USArray TA data has gaps. Is that true? by IRIS Webmaster
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    Every now and then the data from a USArray TA station I am using look crazy. by IRIS Webmaster
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    What does a USArray TA station look like? by IRIS Webmaster
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    Where are the USArray TA stations right now? by IRIS Webmaster
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    What happens after the USArray TA reaches the east coast? by IRIS Webmaster
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    What is USArray? by IRIS Webmaster
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    I want to create a display in our lobby. Can I get data from the USArray TA station nearby? by IRIS Webmaster
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    Can I get data from the USArray station nearby? by IRIS Webmaster