Manuals: Message Center

Your Account

One major change in the Message Center is that you now have only a single account. (Under the earlier system, you had a separate account for each individual mailing list.)

Your Email is the Key

There are a number of ways to sign into your account, but they all are just different ways of verifying that you own your email address.

  1. When you first sign up, you receive a verification email. Clicking on the enclosed link proves that you own the email address.
  2. You can log in via external service (eg. Google). Google simply verifies the email address you used to sign in there.

If you set a password, you basically are just creating a shortcut for step #1. (In other words, you can not set a password, and request a verification each time you want to sign in.)

What is a Topic?

The Message Center is built around “topics.” Each topic is a bit like an email list, in that you can send an email to the topic and have it relayed to all subscribers. But you can also access it via the website, and most importantly you can manage all your subscriptions in one place.

Interacting by email

For example, the “Message Center Help” topic is accessible by email at:

An email sent to this address will be relayed to all subscribers of this list.

Interacting on the website

The “Message Center Help” topic is also accessible on the website at:

This shows an archive of the messages posted to the topic.

If you are logged in and subscribed, you can post a new message by filling out a web form.


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