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Over the last decade significant investments have gone into developing focused research facilities in the contexts of the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) consortium, the Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology consortium (IRIS), and the USGS National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP). Complementary efforts have continued to nurture the development of the scientific and engineer expertise needed to make use of these individual facilities.

We invite you to apply to participate in a workshop and pilot field experiment to assess and demonstrate the combined capabilities of NEES’s large-scale shakers (and other NEES components), the diverse array of seismic recording systems available through IRIS, and USGS geophysical and seismic instrumentation. Coordination with Earthscope and the ANSS also will be discussed. Our primary objective is to begin to discover the full potential of a multi-facility approach to solving scientific and engineering problems – an approach that should yield information otherwise impossible to obtain. The workshop and experiment will set precedents and provide data for future larger-scale multi-facility proposals and projects.

The workshop and experiment will set precedents and provide data for future larger-scale multi-facility proposals and projects. It will be held during April 29-30, 2004 at the NEES facility in Austin, Texas. Sessions include:

  1. Exploration of scientific and engineering questions best addressed using multiple facilities,
  2. Instrumentation ‘Show and Tell’,
  3. Discussions/presentations of data processing and analysis tools,
  4. Field experiment planning, and
  5. Setting protocols for conducting multi-facility science and engineering.

Applicants will be required to submit ideas for multi-facility experiments, to be discussed during the workshop. A maximum of 25 participants will selected from the applicants with the objective of having a diversity of disciplines and expertise participate. The specific pilot field experiment(s) will be selected at the workshop, and executed during the summer or autumn of 2004.

IRIS will provide support upon request, for lodging, meals and up to $500 for transportation to/from the workshop. The USGS will offer support for the field experiment, including instrumentation deployment and participant expenses. Applications due on March 10. 2004. See the CERI website for application instructions and more detailed information.

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