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The Networked Data Centers (NetDC) request processing system has been in production for about 15 years and despite its long service to a federated cooperative of international data centers, this system has reached the end of its useful life. We have reached this conclusion because of the new technologies that have emerged to make life easier for scientists to get at the seismic data they need; web services being key among them. We have also found that fewer and fewer data centers continue to actively support it. With new initiatives underway to foster web services within the FDSN to provide data access and exchange around the world, we feel that it is time to bring support of the venerable NetDC at IRIS DMC to an end. This was discussed at a recent DMS governing committee meeting and the decision was made to end support for NetDC.

To allow time for users to transition to new methods of data access now available, we are allowing NetDC a moratorium to continue operations until October 1st, 2013. At that time, IRIS DMC will close its netdc@iris email account for NetDC and shut down its processing system. We will be helping to guide this transition by continuing to support the email address for an undetermined amount of time and may still offer routing functions, or will find a new center to take on routing functions for this address.

For those looking for alternative ways to request data, please consult the FDSN and IRIS Web Service pages, as well as the BREQ_FAST manual for information. Web services will continue to develop their capabilities and become an integral component of the FDSN. IRIS DMC has client tools which make web service access to data quite easy, some of which we will list below.

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