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NetDC: TO BE SHUT DOWN Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

IRIS DMC will close its netdc@iris email account for NetDC and shut down its processing system. We will, however, continue to support the email address for an undetermined amount of time such that it may still offer routing functions for the FDSN community. Holdings specific to the IRIS DMC will no longer be processed, however.

For those looking for alternative ways to request data, please consult the FDSN and IRIS Web Service pages, as well as the BREQ_FAST manual for information. Web services are quickly becoming an integral component of the FDSN and the IRIS DMC has client tools which make web service access to data quite easy. Web Services at IRIS DMC can be accessed at

WILBER II: TO BE SHUT DOWN Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

With the release of WILBER3 in April 2013, we have been planning for the retirement of the WILBER II system. Because of the successful operation of WILBER3 we are confident in its ability to take over full time duties as we retire WILBER II from operational service October 1st. At such time, web connections to the service will be removed, operational scripts will be silenced, and data resources will be removed, including the FARM and POND data holdings.

DHI: SUSTAINMENT ONLY, TO BE SHUT DOWN Thursday, January 2nd, 2013

The IRIS DMC now has a powerful series of web services that provide improved functionality formerly supplied by the Data Handling Interface (DHI) system. Most tools that relied on DHI have already transitioned to the newer web services. For this reason, and the need to make best use of IRIS resources, maintenance support for the DHI servers at the IRIS DMC has ended effective since July 31st. We continue to let the servers run but no special measures are being taken to sustain them.

NCEDC in Berkeley has graciously offered to take on primary name server duties for DHI server lookups. Attempts to look up DHI servers at IRIS DMC are being rerouted there. We will continue to sustain this routing to Berkeley for an indefinite amount of time, even as our DHI servers are decommissioned.

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