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IRIS Data Services will again be conducting a short course on Monday morning December 15, 2014 at the AGU. It will run from 8AM until noon and take place in the MOMA room of the Palomar Hotel, near the Moscone Center. The discussion will be informal but we will demonstrate and discuss a variety of topics including

  • What data are available at the DMC (with a focus on raw seismic data)
  • How data is referenced (SEED naming, UTC times and virtual networks)
  • Getting your feet wet: event-related data access with Wilber 3
  • Fundamentals of web service technologies
  • Review of web services at the DMC
  • Web services beyond the browser: Fetch scripts, Java, MATLAB, ObsPy
  • Other DMC services: SeedLink and BreqFast
  • MUSTANG Quality Assurance System

We will leave ample time for your questions that can be directed toward the IRIS DMC staff at the meeting.

Registration is not required, however, we ask that you supply your name and contact info in order to get a correct attendance count. Please email your name, email address and institution.

Refreshments will be provided.

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